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50 Plays in a Day



To mark the launch of our 2017 season and the 50th anniversary of our first new writing comission we challenged our talented young members frp, all over the UK to stage 50 playreadings in wierd and wonderful places in one day of plays we've comissioned since 1956.

On Tuesday 4 April 2017 use the links as they appear below to see what happened next:

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9.15am: The World's Wife by Carol Ann Duffy
Various - London    
Produced by Wonderbox Collective WATCH LIVE    

9.20am: Update from NYT members volunteering in Calais for Help Refugees
They'll be live streaming a reading of our new play The Host by Nessah Muthy this afternoon WATCH LIVE

9.30am: The Fall by James Fritz    
School, Bath    
Produced by Rosa Bez-Cryer WATCH LIVE 

9.45: Unstoned by Amy Evans 
Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire,
Produced by Charlotte Haigh  WATCH LIVE

10.00am: The Astronaut Wives Club by Al Smith
Clifftown Theatre, Southend    
Produced by Sophie MacArthur WATCH LIVE

10.30am: The Apprentices by Peter Terson    
Cast, Doncaster    
Produced by Lauren Townsend  WATCH LIVE

11.10am: Flood by Rory Mullarkey    
Carlisle College    
Produced by Teigan Mitchell WATCH LIVE

11.30am: Emily BrontĂ«'s Wuthering Heights by Stephanie Street    
Royal Holloway University    
Produced by Annabel McCarthy WATCH LIVE  

12pm: Outright Terror Bold and Brilliant by Dan Rebellato    
Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield    
Produced by Ben Oliver WATCH LIVE

12.30pm: Zigger Zagger by Peter Terson    
NYT Office Staff Reading, Camden    
Produced by Jenny Wilkinson WATCH LIVE

12.30pm: Tory Boyz by James Graham    
School hall, Hailsham    
Produced by Charlie Bentley-Astor LIVE TRAILER HERE

12.45pm: Tory Boyz by James Graham    
Houses of Parliament    
Produced by Simon Lennon LIVE TRAILER HERE


1pm: Sick Room by Sean Hughes/John Nicholson    
Tankerton Dance Academy, Whitstable    
Produced by Charlie Heptinstall WATCH LIVE 

1.30pm: The Arbitrary Adventures of an Accidental Terrorist by John Hoggarth  
Wycombe Museum    
Produced by Hannah Kennedy WATCH LIVE    

1.30pm: Flood by Rory Mullarkey
Govanhill Baths, Glasgow    
Produced by Isabel Dickens LIVE

2pm: You Can by Luke Barnes    
The Black-E , Liverpool  
Lauren Waine WATCH LIVE

2pm: Wuthering Heights adapted by Stephanie Street    
Haworth Parsonage    
Produced by Beccie Allen READ MORE HERE

2pm: Blue Moon Over Poplar by Rebecca Lenkiewicz    
Bailiff Bar, Old Courts, Wigan    
Produced by Evie Henderson WATCH LIVE

2pm: Tits/Teeth by Michael Wynne
Harley Street, London    
Produced by Tasmine Airey WATCH LIVE

3pm: The Holyland by Daragh Carville    
Queen's University Belfast    
Produced by Ellie Henderson WATCH LIVE

2pm: Selfie by Brad Birch    
Rochester Castle    
Produced by Shemiss Webbe WATCH LIVE
2.30pm Beseiged by Aisha Zia    
Thames, Hammersmith    
Michaela Groidlova WATCH LIVE

2.30pm: Inside by Philip Osment    
Bush Theatre    
Produced by Ashley Rose WATCH LIVE

3pm: The Astronaut Wives' Club by Al Smith    
Greenwich Observatory    
Produced by Ruth Connick WATCH LIVE

3pm: The Astronaut Wives Club by Al Smith    
The National Space Centre, Leicester    
Produced by Clara Hallam WATCH LIVE

3pm: Inside by Philip Osment
Clean Break, Kentish Town    
Produced by Chris Udoh WATCH LIVE

3.30pm: The Reluctant Fundamentalist adapted by Stephanie Street    
The Arts Theatre  
Produced by Andrew Livingstone WATCH LIVE

4pm: Black and White by Al Smith    
Edinburgh University    
Produced by Jane Prinsley

4.15pm: Eye/Balls by Sarah Solemani    
Black Country Living Museum, Dudley    
Produced by Stephanie Cole WATCH LIVE

5pm: The Host by Nessah Muthy    
Help Refugees Warehouse, Calais    
Produced by Charles Furness



5pm: White Boy by Tanika Gupta    
Leicester Square  
Produced by Zachary Hing 

Consensual by Evan Placey    
Redborne Upper School    
Produced by Helena Prettyman WATCH LIVE 

5.30pm Dumped by Darah Carville    
St Catherine's Chapel, Guildford     
Produced by Alexandra Robinson WATCH LIVE
5.30pm: The World's Wife by Carol Ann Duffy    
Cannock Chase Forest
Produced by Stephanie Golding    

6pm: Prime Resident by Stella Duffy    
Bristol Temple Meads    
Produced by Amy Kemp WATCH LIVE

6pm: The Class by Luke Barnes    
Brighton Youth Centre    
Maya Bowles WATCH LIVE

6.30pm: Relish by James Graham    


6.30pm: The World's Wife by Carol Ann Duffy    
Viking Bay, Broadstairs    
Produced by Lydia Crosher    

7pm: Out Of Me by Jane Bodie    
Sherman Theatre Cardiff    
Produced by Emily Evans WATCH LIVE

7pm: Stars over Kabul by Rebecca Lenkiewicz 
London Bubble    
Produced by Aida Krnic WATCH LIVE

7pm: Still Killing Time by Barrie Keeffe    
Theatre Royal Stratford East    
Produced by Jessica Arden    

7.30pm: Whose Shoes by John Hoggarth    
Stamford Arts Centre    
Produced by Claudia Davison WATCH LIVE

7.40pm: Fish and Company by Samuel Adamson    
Northern Stage    
Produced by Jonathon Hill WATCH LIVE

7.45pm: Bitches by Bola Agbaje    
Mosey Home, Finsbury Park    
Produced by Emma-Louise Amanshia  WATCH LIVE

8pm: Bedroom by Jack Thorne    
Thomas Wolsey Pub, Ipswich    
Produced by Martha Loader

9pm: Liminal by Rebecca Manley    
Shakespeare Memorial Room, Birmingham    
Produced by Alessandra Davison WATCH LIVE Part 1    

Times TBC:

White Boy by Tanika Gupta    
Produced by Stephanie Josephs    

Bitches by Bola Agbaje    
Community Theatre, Carlisle    
Produced by Hannah Dodd
Tits/Teeth by Michael Wynne    

Produced by Asherah James    

Selfie by Brad Birch    
Car Park, Bristol    
Produced by Alex Defert
20 Cigarettes by Marcy Kahan    
The Art Academy, Borough    
Produced by Rosie Nicholas     

Blue Moon Over Poplar by Rebecca Lenkiewicz    
Rooftop, London    
Produced by Cassie Symes 
Out of Me by Jane Bodie    
Sustainable Studio, Cardiff    
Produced by Zade Campbell-Davies
Consensual by Evan Placey    
Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, Outdoor mezzanine    
Madeline Charlemagne    


Various across the UK

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