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Fee Waivers and Bursaries

We want all of our opportunities to be open and accessible to all young people who want to take part. We actively seek to remove any barriers, including financial, that might prevent you feeling like you can access our work.

Read about our free courses Playing Up, Stepping Up and the NYT REP Company.

Fee Waivers

Fee Waivers are available across our projects and courses, as well as for a Hub Subscription or your annual membership fee. Please find the link for the Fee-Waiver you wish to apply for in the drop downs below.

You will are automatically eligible for a Fee Waiver to cover the cost of a Hub Subscription or of an annual membership if you meet the below eligibility criteria:

  • You are currently in care or are a care leaver
  • You are aged 14-25 and currently seeking asylum in the UK
  • You are a full time carer for a parent or sibling
  • You are a single parent and currently aged 14-25
  • You are under 18 and in receipt of free school meals

Please note that Hub and Membership Fee Waivers are not limited to these circumstances.

Hub Subscription Fee Waiver or Bursary

For those who have not completed an NYT summer intake course and would like to join The Hub, with the option to audition/interview for one of our intake courses in the summer.

If you are intending on attending a Backstage interview or submitting a self-tape before the final deadline of 21st March 2024 you must submit a Hub subscription Fee Waiver/Bursary Application before 14th March 2024 in order for your application to be processed in time to meet this deadline.


NYT Membership Fee Waiver or Bursary

For those who have already completed a summer Intake Course and are a National Youth Theatre Member applying for a bursary to cover their annual Membership.


NYT Masterclass Fee Waiver

For members and non-members applying for a fee waiver to cover a Masterclass fee.


Intake Summer Course Bursary

Those offered a place on an Intake Course will be sent the relevant bursary form on results day, May 8th 2024.

NYT Productions and Projects

If you take part in one of our productions, projects or REP Company you will receive the relevant Bursary Application form from us.

Bursaries are available to support participation in: Subscribing to the Hub, Summer Intake Courses, National Youth Theatre productions, Masterclasses and activating your Membership, and more. For a full list please read our Bursary Policy.

Bursaries for the above may include a partial or full coverage of course fees, travel, and accommodation where relevant, and subsistence.

There are many circumstances that might mean someone is eligible for bursary support. These may include but are not limited to: Being in Care / a Care Leaver; Being a Refugee; Being a Full or Part-Time Carer; Being a Single Parent; Being in receipt of Benefits; Being Homeless; Having a Low Household Income; Being in Receipt of Free School Meals.

NYT receives a very large number of applications and demand for our bursary always outstrips the supply we have, but our Development Team work hard each year to increase the available funds for bursaries. We are not able to support everyone who applies to the bursary fund and give priority those most in need.


How is my application reviewed and when will I find out?

Applications are reviewed in three stages by the team at National Youth Theatre. Every application is highly confidential and the information you provide will not be shared with any unauthorised staff member. Once you have submitted your form online, you will be notified of the date on which you can expect your outcome. If there is no specific date stated please allow up to 14 working days for us to review it and provide you with an outcome.

Download the National Youth Theatre Bursary Policy for futher details on each of our projects and how funding is awarded.

Does applying for a bursary affect my application to National Youth Theatre activity?

You’ll never be treated differently or disadvantaged in our Audition and Backstage Interview or Casting process because you have applied for or received a bursary.

Is there another way i can access the Bursary Form

If you're having trouble downloading the Reference Form from the application, you can request for a copy from info@nyt.org.uk.