NYT REP Company 2018

The NYT REP Company 2018 

Inspired by the traditional repertory theatre model, the NYT REP Company course offers free, practical, industry-based talent development in drama and performance over nine months to 16 NYT members. 

Our 2018 REP Company course culminates in a REP Season at the Soho Theatre and Garrick Theatre.  

Consensual • Victoria's KnickersMacbeth 


   Isabel Adomakoh Young                 Jamie Ankrah                        Aidan Cheng                            Olivia Dowd


       Fred Hughes-Stanton              Simran Hunjun               Muhammad Abubakar Khan         Marilyn Nnadebe


             Jay Mailer                              Leah Mains                             Oseloka Obi                      Laurie Ogden


        Francesca Regis                    Jeffrey Sangalang                      Alice Vilanculo                 Christopher Williams

To contact the REP Company regarding representation, please email industry@nyt.org.uk