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Empowering young people to take centre stage in their lives


NYT is a pioneering youth arts charity. We have been centre stage for over 60 years, inspiring young people and audiences alike in the importance of live theatre.

Our charitable remit is to give accesible opportunities both onstage and backstage to young people aged 14-25 from all corners of the UK. We seek out talented creative young people from a diverse range of backgrounds through an active and inclusive audition programme and community engagement to give unique, life-changing experiences working with some of the UK’s leading professional directors, writers, producers, designers and stage managers.

We empower our young people with creative leadership, inclusive practice and intersectionality training and actively work to address young people who are underrepresented in our community and industry, proactively breaking down barriers that prevent young people from taking part in our work.

We have engaged over 150,000 young people since 1956 and we have reached an audience of over 2 billion people from stadiums to studios at national and international events. We continue to represent the best of British young talent whilst sharing our best practice to affect positive change in a complex world.

Our work benefits each new generation of artists, creative leaders, and social and political game changers in both the private and public sectors. These alumni represent our four pillars of excellence, opportunity, compassion and community. They often return to NYT to offer free mentorship, leadership and vital job opportunities across all art platforms.

We believe we are a force for good, breaking down social and economic barriers by our investment in diversity and community and telling relevant challenging stories for our time.

Equality, inclusion, and collaboration define the culture we aim to create.

In an increasingly virtual world, the value of LIVE has never been greater.

We learn by doing, vocation is at our heart, experience at our finger tips and excellence at our core.

We are as ambitious as the young people we serve.


“I joined NYT through their social inclusion programme. I just got my first acting job with the BBC”

Heider REP Company Member

About Us