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Monologue Night


Tune into our latest #MadeByMembers online monologue night at 7pm on Thursday 28 July 

Thursday 28th July 2022, 7pm-9pm, National Youth Theatre's Youtube Channel.

Creative direction: Ross Watt

Event Manager: Naila Barrett

Monologue Night was created as a platform for NYT Members and HUB Subscribers to get on stage and try out new and exciting original writing. Our community of young performers across the United Kingdom are gathering on Zoom to showcase their talent. These young performers are the next generation of game-changers and theatre-makers and we can’t wait for you to see what they have in store. This is the second Monologue Night that National Youth Theatre has housed online and we plan to have many more both in our newly refurbished creative hub and online.


Ellen Stickland

Tess is living alone during lockdown and is using the time to reflect on her identity. She has recently come out as gay and is struggling to stay connected to her community.

Eve Dixon Batchelor

The monologue consists of someone addressing their partner whom they are breaking up with, however, we don't realise this at first as they reminisce over the happier memories of their relationship. It then takes a turn for the audience as they realise this is not a happy conversation. As the monologue goes on and the speech becomes more unfiltered and unstructured I hope for the audience to question if this is what the character is really saying, or what she wishes she could say.

Fannie Gates

Emilia Bassano PhD delivers her lecture on misogyny in Early Modern Literature (and also why you should break up with your boyfriend). 

Emilia details the misogyny in the work of one Mr Anne Hathaway. She goes through plays, such as Measure for Measure and Winter's Tale, critiquing the misogynist content of each and warning the women in the audience to avoid the same fate.

Kerrica Kendall

The monologue is called 'The Princess of Royal Mail'. The Princess of Royal Mail delivers a message to her fans. 

Phoebe Constatine

This monologue is in response to the laws, behaviours & actions of our current government.

It takes an experimental style of rhyme and rhythm.

* The character begins by feeling frustrated.

* Secondly, they’re confused about how they should feel and behave around the situation. 

* The piece ends by them being in a more empowered headspace.

Richard Dannenberg

This is from a play I conceived while in Sixth Form thinking about the relationship between humanity and photography. In a university module, I was able to write and stage short scenes all connected by that theme for an online Zoom performance - these included a verbatim theatre sketch of photographer quotes, someone who isolates themselves from the world so as not to be photographed - and the monologue I am submitting here is the final scene of the play: a dystopian world where everyone is trying to create the perfect portfolio of photography, for a mythological god-like entity called "Lucida". Everyone is brainwashed into thinking photography is what all humans have to do, and so those who do well in society spend all their life developing this craft. The character of this monologue is able to win this competition and gets transported to an audience with Lucida - which is a cave made out of photographs, all the photographs that have ever existed and ever will. But there are no humans there, and you'll never see one again. Your reward for making the best photographs of the world is spending the rest of your life just with photographs. This is both a parody of the everyday obsession and saturation with images online, but also in the context of me doing part of my degree in an art school, and all of us always trying to develop the best arts portfolio we ever can and stressing about how we can make it further our personal lives and careers.

Ryan Daly

This monologue discusses themes around mental health and depression.

Ilayda McIntosh

The character talks about their roots and the connection they feel to them. This is explored in a poetic way.

This sharing features talent from across our membership, you won't want to miss this!

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