Apply to be an NYT Auditions or Backstage Interviews Ambassador!

Apply to be an NYT Auditions or Backstage Interviews Ambassador!

The role of Ambassador is of vital importance and our audition process can't work without you. 

Ambassadors are present at audition/backstage interview days to assist the Auditioner or Interviewer, ensuring things run smoothly and putting applicants at ease.


We recommend that you attend an ambassadors training day if you have applied to be an Ambassador at our intake auditions/technical interviews this year. However, spaces are limited so you will still be able to Ambassador at auditions if we are unable to offer you a place at a training day. We will send you detailed notes about the role if you are offered an ambassador position. They're really fun days, an insight into the audition process and a chance to meet new NYT Members. If you have already been an ambassador, then you won’t have to do a training day.

Applications to be an Auditions Ambassador have now closed. 


There will also be a training session at Holloway Road on either the 13th or 14th of January 2018. Get involved if you'd like to meet some new backstage members and applicants! 

To apply to be a Backstage Interview Ambassador, please fill out the online form

Deadline for applications: Friday 8th December