Vintage Membership

Vintage Membership

Former NYT Company Members over the age of 26 automatically become NYT Vintage Members. 

Former members of the National Youth Theatre include some of the most successful actors on the planet, award-winning directors and world-leading theatre technicians. They also include sector leaders in law, business, finance, education, the media and beyond brilliant teachers, parents and citizens.    

How can I engage in NYT as a Vintage Member? 

While the benefits you experienced as a NYT Company Member including castings, ticket offers, and Creative Leadership training have now expired, we love to stay in touch with our Alumni. As a Vintage Member you can get involved in 

  • NYT events and fundraising galas 
  • Keeping us engaged with your local area 
  • Championing NYT in the industry and beyond 

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At the National Youth Theatre I fell in love with the rock and roll of Shakespeare's text

Barrie Rutter NYT Alumnus