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18-25, love theatre and want to join our vital backstage teams? 

Sign up to here become a Hub-scriber to gain access to the folllowing: 

  • A digital Backstage Interview to become a National Youth Theatre Backstage Member 
  • Year-long access to Industry workshops, Q&As and events 
  • Discounts on Masterclasses and Merchandise 

If you're successful in your Backstage interview you'll be invited to join our Backstage Courses, where you'll specialise in one of the following: 

  • Costume Design and Making 
  • Lighting, Video and Projection 
  • Set Design & Scenic Construction 
  • Sound Design and Composition 
  • Stage Management

As a Backstage Member you'll have access to Member only roles working alongside our professional productions and projects, a national network of creatives, Creative Leadership training and more. 

    How can National Youth Theatre help me take part? 

    We are looking for a company who represent the diversity of Britain’s Youth, check out some of our free and affordable routes to join NYT 

    Wherever possible we work at fully accessible venues.If you have any access requirements please get in touch ahead of your interview day on

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