NYT at the Royal Court

OPEN COURT - Curated by Young Court in association with the National Youth Theatre
Royal Court Theatre (various spaces around the building)
Monday 18 July – Saturday 6 August

Following 2013, when the writers had the keys, Open Court returns, this time handing the keys of the building to the Royal Court’s Youth Board and 10 young writers aged 15 – 24.

For three weeks they’re in charge and they’ll be tackling the issues that matter to them through theatre, music, installations, talks and workshops.

There will also be a special collaboration with the National Youth Theatre (NYT). In the year that both organisations celebrate 60 years of discovering new talent, we’re sharing the stage, with NYT actors performing in the series of plays by new young writers. Pushing boundaries and taking over the entire building, Open Court will spill off the stage into corridors, offices, rehearsal rooms, the Bar & Kitchen and online.

Many events free!

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