Didn’t get the result you were hoping for?

Didn’t get the result you were hoping for?

We have now released the results of our 2017 Membership Auditions.

If you did not gain a space on a Membership Course this year, please do not be disheartened. This has been our most competitive year for Acting applicants ever, with over 5,000 young people applying for a limited number of spaces.

If we were unable to offer you a place this year, it doesn't mean that you don't have a lot of potential and talent and lots of our current membership weren’t successful first time either. Due to the number of applicants, we are unable to offer individual feedback, but we would like to invite you to attend our free Auditions Feedback Session on 3rd June to gain further insight into the audition process. If you can’t make it we’ll also be livestreaming it on Facebook Live.

Auditions Feedback Session
10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm
Saturday 3rd June , St Gabriel's Hall, Pimlico, London 
To RSVP please use the link here using password: CLUB

Whilst dealing with a ‘No’ in any situation can be hard, every performer at some stage will experience this outcome. Although it is not what you were hoping for, we hope you learnt something from the audition day.

Click here to read about other people who we weren't able to offer a place to first time round, or ever, and have gone on to great things. You can also watch the below short video in which our excellent NYT Member, Charlotte Law, explains that it took her a few years of auditioning to gain membership. She has since gone on to perform 3 shows in London’s West End as part of NYT’s 2016 REP Company. Our friends at Backstage have some really useful tips which can be found here and here or you can watch their short video. Parents may also find these tips useful.

We’d still love to work with you this year and there are lots of other ways you can get involved with the National Youth Theatre. We hope to see you again very soon and at our 2018 auditions.


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