It’s our 60th Anniversary and we are looking for diamonds in the rough to join the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain in 2017

Each year we meet over  5,000 young people aged 14-25 across 30 towns and cities around the UK; from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 
Our mission is to discover unique and diverse talent, inviting over 500 young people to take part in our Acting and Backstage courses during August 2017. Upon completing this life changing course, you will become a company member of the National Youth Theatre, opening doors to casting and incredible experiences outside of the organisation  such as free tickets, film and TV castings, drama facilitation training, industry lead workshops and Q&A's.
Book your audition today and take advantage of our early bird offer. We’re offering a limited number of auditions for just £39.00. Every audition includes a three hour group workshop with a professional theatre director, and a one-on-one session for you to perform a speech of your choice. 
Backstage interviews are also available for those interested in technical opportunities in Stage Management, Lighting and Sound, Costume Design and Scenic Construction. Visit here for more information. 

Where Can I Audition? 


We’re on the road! Next February and March we’ll be visiting some of the UK’s top theatres and arts venues. Find your nearest venue from the list below:  


Why should I audition for the National Youth Theatre? 

Watch ‘Him and Her’ star and NYT Alumna Sarah Solemani on her experience, why the National Youth Theatre is unique and why you should apply. 



Am I eligible to apply for the National Youth Theatre?   

All applicants should be: 
• UK residents  
• Age 14 by August 2017* 
• Under the age of 26** 
*You can apply to join as a company member of National Youth Theatre at the age of 13 providing you will be 14 at the start of the summer course. You will notice our booking system will not allow you to book an audition if you are 13. Please apply as though you are a year older to bypass the system and then contact us via email stating your actual date of birth.
** You can apply to be a National Youth Theatre Member any time before your 26th Birthday. You can continue to be an active member in your 26th year. You can take part in a production at the age of 26, however you cannot apply to be in a production if you turn 27 within the performance dates.
Kindly note if you are successful in your application, identification will need to be provided before the course start date.
If you are unsure about your eligibility to apply please call us on 020 3696 7066

What should I prepare?

• Pick an appropriate speech from a published play (1-3 minutes)
• Try to avoid accents
• Pick something you like and enjoy performing
• Practise your speech ahead of time and learn your lines
• Singing is optional but if you choose a song make it something you love
• Get plenty of sleep the night before your audition
• Find out where you are going ahead of time, and be punctual
• Wear comfortable clothing, costumes are a no-no
• Try not to wear too much makeup
• Bring a bottle of water, and make sure you’ve eaten and had plenty of fluids
• Don’t use or bring props
• Listen, be open to suggestions and direction
• Respect other people’s opinions, don’t idea bash
• Unless asked, don’t share unnecessary personal details
• Be yourself and enjoy the day
 You can find more great tips by watching #NYTAuditionTips online shared by 2016 Applicants - head here!
If you have any questions about your audition or experiencing difficulties booking, get in touch: 

What can I expect on the day? 

• Your Acting Company Membership audition will involve a workshop in the morning from 10am – 1pm. This workshop is designed to relieve any nerves, and an opportunity for us to see how you work in a group
• You’ll receive an individual time slot in the afternoon, at which you’ll return and perform your prepared monologue to the audition panel. There will be an hours break for you to go out and get lunch, or bring your own. Once you have finished your audition you are free to leave
• Our Audition days can get very busy, so it’s good to allow plenty of time to get to the venue
• You will be asked about yourself and your interests, so it a good idea to have a think about what you like to do in your spare time. This doesn’t have to be related to performance. If you are just starting out and have little experience but big dreams then say so!
We are looking for a company who represent the diversity of Britain’s Youth. We celebrate individuals and do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or disability. 
 We do not accept bulling or harassment of any kind. 

Fees and Funding


If you gain a space on a Membership Course, you will receive a Fundraising Pack with tips and ideas on how you can raise the costs of course fees yourself. Many members have had huge success with this in the past and have enjoyed their fundraising challenge.
It is hugely important to us that applicants are not deterred from getting involved with National Youth Theatre due to financial restrictions. We have bursary fund to help those in need to contribute towards the cost of auditions and membership course fees. Last year we gave over £100,000 worth of bursaries to help applicants and members with fees and costs. To request an application pack, email   


Refunds and Exchanges 

Due to the high volume of young people we meet we are unable to arrange refunds or exchanges on audition slots. 


Casting Auditions: Exclusively for Existing Company Members Only


Every year we carry out casting auditions for NYT Members in order to cast the perfect candidates for our NYT Productions and the NYT REP Company
Applications for 2017 Castings will open in the Autumn. The best way to find out about our next castings is by email and the members board. So please ensure your contact details and membership is up to date.
Successful applicants will receive further information from NYT staff informing them of the next steps. As with any audition there is always competition, so don’t worry if you weren’t selected for a production this time - there are still plenty of ways to get involved.  
There are endless other opportunities for members throughout the year as part of the Membership Scheme which will be displayed in ‘Member News’. Members: head here and login to your account to sign up.
If you’re a current member, email for more information on the Casting Process or your Membership and how to get involved.



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Auditions Guide

Each year we reach out nationally to audition 5,000 young people across 30 towns and cities around the UK; from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Each NYT season involves a variety of productions in theatres, outdoor site-specific venues and non-traditional theatre spaces, across the UK and internationally.


The National Youth Theatre now provide a range of courses which develop skills in Performance and Technical Theatre.

Courses and Auditions, when available will be on our What's On page.


The Epic Stages course is designed to equip the best young acting and production talent with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the industry.

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